Friday, April 10, 2009


I had given up on seeing Andrew Bird this round. (Let's face it, I've gotten pretty good at missing him pretty much every round.) But the Lyric Opera House seemed like an amazing place to take him in and that's exactly what loads of other people thought as they bought out every last ticket for both shows. Well, Tom and Annie are magic. It's as simple as that. The communication when something like this:

T&A: Hey do you guy want to try to see Andrew Bird?
E&J: Been there, done that. Sold out.
T&A: I think we can work something out.
E& J: Right on! Force be with you.
[Brief time passage]
T&A: We got tickets!
E&J: How did you DO that?
T&A: Got on Ticketmaster and ordered them.

It's not really a riveting story, but knowing that tonight a seat at the Lyric has my name on it and that Mr. Bird will be on the stage, well, that is riveting. I'll try to sneak a photo.

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